Your second DUI in Florida...

If you are convicted of a second DUI, the minimum punishments are as follows:

Many of the penalties for your second DUI in Florida are similar to those that you faced for your first DUI, but they are also more severe. Fines increase, along with jail time, vehicle impoundment, and driver's license revocation time:

  • Fines - will be between $1,000 - $2,000, depending on what your blood alcohol level (BAC) was at the time of your arrest. Your fines increase to a minimum of $2,000, up to $4,000 if your BAC was .15 or higher or if there was a minor in the car.
  • Incarceration - if you are convicted of a second DUI offense which is within 5 years of your prior DUI conviction, you will be facing a minimum of 10 days in jail (maximum 9 months). If your BAC was .15 or higher, your jail sentence may be up to 12 months. If convicted of DUI Manslaughter, a 4 year minimum mandatory prison term shall be imposed.
  • Probation - up to 12 months of probation may be given.
  • Vehicle impoundment - 30 day impoundment or immobilization of the vehicle operated or any one vehicle registered in the defendant's name The immobilization or impoundment may be dismissed for the same reasons as stated for first time offenders.
  • Driver license revocation - your driver's license shall be revoked for a minimum of 5 years if your second offense is within 5 years of your prior conviction.
  • Community service - there is no mandatory amount of community service hours for a second conviction for DUI, however most prosecutors and judges require at least 50 hours to be performed.
  • Interlock device - mandatory 1 year placement of an ignition interlock device. If your BAC was .15 or higher, then not less than 2 continuous years placement of an ignition interlock device.

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