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Criminal Law
Personal Injury


Oklahoma City University- School of Law
Seton Hall University




U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida


May 1983- Seton Hall University, Bachelor of Arts degree.

May 1986- Oklahoma City University- School of Law, Juris Doctorate degree

October 1986- Licensed to practice law in Florida


1986- Sworn in as Assistant State Attorney in Tampa, Florida. Prosecuted all misdemeanor and traffic offenses through September 1987.

September 1987- Began prosecution of all felony offenders.

1988- Career Criminal Prosecutor- prosecuted habitual felony offenders, which included mostly violent crime and drug trafficking offenders.

1989- Deputy Division Chief- supervised five other prosecutors and litigated only the most serious cases, i.e. MURDER, DRUG TRAFFICKING, WIRETAP INVESTIGATIONS, RACKETEERING, CONSPIRACY, HOME INVASIONS, ARMED ROBBERY.

1993- Established Law Office of Richard W. Bisconti; concentrating on the defense of those accused of criminal offenses. Also began the representation of those injured in motor vehicle collisions and premises liability claims based upon insufficient security.

1998- Established partnership with long-time friend and associate from Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office, G. Michael Nelson and formed Nelson and Bisconti, LLP. Mr. Nelson practiced in the areas of Commercial Law, Personal Injury Law and Liquor License and Bar/ Restaurant transactions.

2001- Law school friend of Mr. Nelson, James Moten Thompson, joins the firm to form Nelson, Bisconti and Thompson, LLC. Mr. Thompson practices employment law.

2007- Mr. Thompson brings Mr. Darren McClain to the firm to assist in bringing forth employment law claims; later forming Nelson, Bisconti, Thompson and McClain, LLC.

2008- Mr. Bisconti and Mr. Nelson complete the building of the Floridan Legal Center, a ten thousand (10,000) square foot facility. The new Nelson- Bisconti Building rents legal space to thirteen (13) other attorneys in addition to accommodating their own firm.

1993- Present Mr. Bisconti has continued to represent those accused of all types of criminal offenses including, but not limited to DUI, DUI Manslaughter, Drug Possession, Delivery, Trafficking, Conspiracy, Violent Crimes, such as, Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery, Armed Robbery, Home Invasion and all types of Domestic Violence cases. Mr. Bisconti also represents those accused of all types of sexual offenses. In addition to representing both adults and juveniles in State and Federal Court, Mr. Bisconti also zealously defends his clients on violations of probation and house arrest. Some cases that are successfully concluded may also be eligible for sealings or expunctions of public records.

Throughout the years, Mr. Bisconti continues to represent the interests of those injured in motor vehicle accidents and who fall victim to injury on the premises of others due to insufficient security and negligent maintenance.

CALL (813) 221-0999 and schedule your appointment with Mr. Bisconti. Telephone consultations and your first office appointment are without charge.

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