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Sex offenders generally attract great attention from law enforcement and the prosecutor's office. I have prosecuted and defended young people having consensual sex with each other and also those who have electronically forwarded inappropriate sexual material via e-mail or texting to minors. Sometimes the consensual nature of all of this activity and the relative closeness in age will allow me to have charges not filed, reduced or require no incarceration. Like many criminal offenders, repeat offenders receive more critical scrutiny by law enforcement and the State.

Much older offenders who have relations with teenagers or even younger children present quite a different scenario. These cases must be handled correctly and sometimes delicately from the very beginning of the defense. Finally, those accused of sexual battery (also known as rape if an adult) or capital sexual battery (on a child under twelve (12) years) is another type of sexual offense that should be reserved for the most experienced type defense attorney. Whether my client is guilty as charged, possibly guilty of a lesser charge or entirely innocent of any criminal activity, I get personally involved and effected by every case I defend. I want the best possible result for my client. I shall provide my client a diligent representation with open and honest advice at every stage of the proceedings. 

As mentioned in the domestic violence section, crimes such as Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery may be the result of one losing their temper in a variety of situations. Sometimes an accused may be legitimately defending themselves. However, sometimes lack of anger control and alcohol or drug use may cause one to do something they would not ordinarily do. Resort to weapons or firearms could result in sentence enhancement or minimum mandatory prison terms being imposed. My experience as both a former prosecutor and defense attorney for the past thirty-three years (33) shall assist in defending you.

Other violent crimes, while they may not be fueled by anger or alcohol or drugs, must be handled sometimes aggressively and sometimes delicately. Robberies, Burglaries and homicide offenses all have their unique set of facts. Some involve weapons and some involve physical violence to a victim and some do not. Creating a hole in the States's case can be done in a variety of ways. This may lead to charges being reduced, dismissed or may lead to a probationary sanction as opposed to a prison term. By securing my representation early in a case, you'll be well- served in achieving the best possible result. While the maximum prison terms by statute may be five (5) years for Aggravated Assault, fifteen years (15) for Aggravated Battery, up to thirty years (30) in some cases, and fifteen years (15) to life on some Burglaries and Robberies, classifications such as habitual felony and habitual violent felony offender, prison release re-offenders and three time violent felony offenders may allow the Court to further enhance an accused's total sentence or provide severe minimum mandatory prison terms.

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