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Murder is the premeditated act of taking human life. It is the most serious of crimes, and those found guilty of it are punished severely, with long or life prison sentences (or even the death sentence in some cases) as likely punishment, not to mention the penalties incurred from other offenses that may have been committed peripherally to the murder. Additionally, simply being accused of murder is enough to negatively alter a person's future, with damage done to reputations, families, and job prospects.

The charge of murder can result in extreme anxiety and a sense of overwhelming hopelessness for the accused, which is why retaining aggressive representation for your defense team as early as possible is so vital. A skilled murder defense lawyer is essential for providing the guidance needed to swiftly and thoroughly navigate the pitfalls of such a trying ordeal.

Tampa Murder Defense Attorney Richard Bisconti at the Law Office of Nelson, Bisconti, & McClain has demonstrated over 33 years of results in the Tampa Bay area, with experience as both a prosecuting and defense attorney. He possesses the crucial quality of knowing both sides of the argument and the flexibility to take in new information and use it to create the client's best defense. Additionally, the experience of anticipating the process of the prosecution is the kind of edge that can make the difference between a favorable or unfavorable verdict.

If you or a loved one has been accused of murder, don't hesitate. Call Attorney Richard Bisconti immediately by cell phone at (813) 404-2013.

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